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Carbon Offsets by Guttman Renewables is the smart way to tell your company’s sustainability story. By participating in Carbon Offsets, you demonstrate your business’ environmental principles in a way that both amplifies your business value and helps power toward a sustainable future. Reducing environmental impact is a top priority for companies that are working to create a vision to offset their carbon footprint and achieve their ESG goals. See how choosing Carbon Offsets by Guttman Renewables can help.

What Is a Carbon Offset Program?

The Guttman Renewables Carbon Offset program enables companies to invest in projects that capture, destroy, or prevent the formation of greenhouse gases. If the project you invest in reduces the same amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere that your business produces, then your company can claim carbon neutrality. The projects invested in are scientifically backed, global initiatives that focus on one of the following areas:

  • Reforestation
    tree plantings and sustainable forestry practices that increase the natural storage of carbon
  • Landfill Gas Capture
    methane gas from decomposing material that is captured and destroyed
  • Renewable Energy
    allocating funds towards purchasing windmills and solar panels
  • Industrial Process Improvements
    investments in new or alternative manufacturing processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Guttman Renewables Carbon Offset Benefits

Carbon Offsets by Guttman Renewables is the smart way to tell your company’s sustainability story. By participating in Carbon Offsets, you demonstrate your business’ environmental principles in a way that both amplifies your business’ value and helps power towards a sustainable future.
Align with potential, purpose-driven customers and make your business stand out, all while helping to create an environment with less greenhouse gas emissions. It’s possible with Guttman Renewables.

Take a step toward meeting your carbon neutrality goals by offsetting your emissions today.
Transportation accounted for the largest portion (27%) of total U.S. GHG emissions in 2020. Offset your vehicle emissions with Guttman Renewables today.
Grow your business by attracting purpose driven customers.
Have an immediate, positive impact on the environment.
Receive a carbon offset certificate to demonstrate credibility.
Proactively prepare your fleet to meet sustainability goals in the future by offsetting today.
Save money and time with Guttman’s turnkey alternatives to costly zero-emissions replacements.

How It Works

Carbon Offsets by Guttman Renewables works exactly the same for our Bulk customers and Fleet Fuel card customers.

Achieving carbon neutrality while buying fuel may seem impossible, but with Guttman’s fueling intelligence, it’s not only possible—it’s easy. We create a portfolio for your business and generate customized reports that break down your net carbon offsets and investments.

Guttman Renewables tracks your fuel purchases.

Guttman Renewables utilizes a third-party partner to calculate the total greenhouse gas emissions based on the type and amount of fuel you purchase every month by using data from the EPA, EIA, and the FHWA.

Investments are made in certified carbon reduction projects to offset calculated emissions by 100%.

Guttman Renewables provides your business with a customized offset report and certificate of authenticity from our carbon offset partner.

Your carbon offsets add to your company’s ESG reporting and compliance efforts.

Our Carbon Offset Verification Standards

Through trusted third parties, we maintain strict standards to certify our affiliated carbon offset projects and maximize their environmental impact.

Each carbon offset program we promote must meet the following qualifications:

We must be able to account for every metric ton of CO2e that is captured, destroyed, or prevented.

Each project must be publicly registered, and carbon offsets must be serialized and retired on a third-party registry.

The project’s environmental impact must be durable and lasting.

The project’s reduction of emissions must be dependent on the funding of carbon offsets.

We must be able to review validation reports delivered by third-party verifiers.

We must be able to prove CO2 equivalent reduction has occurred as a result of the project.

All carbon credits are certified and adhere to internationally recognized standards set by the following organizations:

Our Projects

This list features only a few of our selected Carbon Offset Projects. If you do not see an option that works for your business or wish to learn if Guttman can modify your selected project to fit your company’s needs, please contact us at 724.489.5199.



This greenhouse gas project environmentally and safely destroys ozone-depleting substances extracted from refrigeration, freezer, and air-conditioning end-of-life appliances. The goal of the project is to safely and environmentally destroy ODS extracted from end-of-life appliances.



The project quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions reduced from Les Minéraux Harsco’s activities in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Post-consumer slag-based products are recycled by transforming materials recovered from different industries into sand, alumina, steel, and iron oxide. Those products are sold and integrated into new products.


United States

J.B. Hunt pursued carbon efficiency in transportation by increasing the amount of freight transported by intermodal instead of long-haul trucking. Rail transportation was found to generate only one third of the emissions generated by truck transportation. Hunt also implemented an Idling Bonus Program to monetarily reward drivers and their managers for reducing unnecessary engine idling.



The primary objective of this project is to capture and use coal mine methane (CMM) for power generation. It displaces electricity from the on-site captive power plant and the Central China Power Grid for on-site use. CMM is currently being extracted from four Furong Group coal mines including Baijiao, Shanmushu, Xunchang, and Gongquan. A small portion of the extracted CMM is being utilized for residential and commercial use, while the remaining CMM is released directly into the atmosphere. The implementation of the project will not reduce or affect the current level of CMM combusted for thermal demand.



This project generates renewable energy from wind resources to market to Mexican partners willing to consume this form of energy. The project will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by avoiding electricity generation otherwise produced at fossil-fuel fired power plants, and thereby the CO2 emissions associated with it.



The project entails the installation of a secondary catalyst in the ammonia reactors of one of two nitric acid production units in the fertilizer plant of Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers in India. The project activity would help in catalytic reduction of N2O which is an undesirable by-product of the nitric acid production process. N2O is a potent greenhouse gas with a very high global warming potential of 310.

Renewable Products

Go easy on your engines – and better on the environment – with Guttman Renewables products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a carbon offset and a carbon credit?

Carbon offsets and carbon credits are slightly different. Carbon credit is a term used for a certificate or permit that represents the legal right to emit one metric ton of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gas. Carbon offsets, on the other hand, represent carbon emissions reduction or removals via different projects.