A Brief History of Carbon Offsets

Climate change and global warming are hot topics (pun intended) in the science world lately. While we can’t eliminate our carbon outputs, we can take action to lessen our impact. At Guttman Renewables, we’re proud to offer carbon offsets as a way for companies to balance the carbon emissions created through their daily operations. Now, allow us to help you take a look at the history of carbon offsets.

Businesses that produce a large amount of carbon emissions may struggle to find ways to negate their environmental impact. Carbon offsets were created as a way for these companies to purchase projects that reduce carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere, ideally balancing out their own carbon emissions. But how exactly did carbon offsets begin?

History of Carbon Offsets

The first carbon offset project was launched in 1989 by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Applied Energy Services. Mark Trexler, Ph.D., was involved in the effort and summarized the project in an interview:

“Applied Energy Services was building a whole series of small coal-fired power plants around the U.S. The CEO at the time of Applied Energy Services was already concerned about climate change and the environment, but he could not figure out any other business model for his power plants other than coal. So he approached WRI to see if there was something they could do to deal with the emissions.”

The result was an avoided deforestation project implemented in Guatemala. The basic idea involved helping farmers and landowners make their cultivation efforts more productive, reducing the need to plant new crops in natural forests. In exchange, participants could “claim” the carbon that was saved in the natural forest.

This first project brought tons of new knowledge and allowed for bigger, more complex carbon offset projects in the future. Today, there are both regulated and voluntary markets for carbon offsets, both of which continue to grow each and every year.

Buying Carbon Offsets

Guttman Renewables, the latest addition to Guttman Holdings, is proud to offer carbon offsets as part of our mission to reduce our environmental impact and encourage sustainable business practices.

Clients can choose from an extensive selection of projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the environment. You can support projects like reforestation efforts, renewable energy from wind or water power, methane capture at dairy farms, and more. Your carbon offset purchase will help fund these projects; the more offsets you purchase, the greater reduction in your carbon footprint.

Besides simply reducing carbon in the atmosphere, carbon offsets hold additional benefits. You’ll have the option to buy offsets from projects around the world that support local economies and communities. On top of that, these global projects help to advance sustainability technology, allowing for a cleaner future.

Purchasing carbon offsets is just one way to move your organization closer to its sustainability goals. If you’re interested in carbon offsets or want to learn more about how you can reduce your company’s environmental impact, contact the team at Guttman Renewables today.

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