Crude Oil Crushed

WTI Crude oil prices topped $93.50/barrel on Monday and now trading at $86.21/barrel at writing. Why the significant drop? Let’s look at the fundamentals and the technical for an explanation. From the fundamental perspective, China re-affirmed its stance this week on its zero-COVID policy strategy that when a few cases are confirmed, a lockdown of […]

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Extreme Energy Volatility is Back

Over the past week, WTI crude oil has traded in a range of $11/barrel, Heating Oil $0.59/gallon, and European natural gas €118/MWh. This is extreme energy volatility, even from what we’ve seen earlier this year, as traders begin to position themselves ahead of the OPEC+ decision, the perceived weakness in Chinese oil demand, and less […]

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Will There Be a Relief in Diesel Prices?

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) just released that the U.S. national average diesel price at the pump is $5.623/gallon. Is there any relief in sight? Let’s digest some data and assess. The Department of Energy’s (DOE) petroleum report revealed last week that U.S. distillate inventories are at their lowest level in 30 years; 104.9 million […]

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The Continued Climb Up

A Map of US Fuel Prices

Fuel prices across the world are continuing to climb to record highs amid the Russian-Ukraine conflict. People across the world are experiencing the economic hardships as a result of astronomical prices and are looking for answers as to why they continue to climb. According to AAA, the average price of gas across the U.S. is […]

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Two Essential Commodity Charts to Watch

Fuel Logistics and Charts provided by Guttman Energy

We’re now 13 days into the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and neither side shows signs of abating. Following this lead, neither do commodity charts. Two charts encapsulate the unprecedented of this conflict and will be contributing to the stagflation environment we are heading toward or already in. Let’s dive in.

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How U.S. Oil Companies are Hedging for 2022

Guttman Energy Fuel Management Chart

With growing oil demand still outweighing supply, the price of crude has officially reached eight-year highs. Last week, WTI broke the $85/barrel threshold, while Brent traded at $87/barrel. As major investment banks warn that crude may climb to $100/barrel, questions have been raised about how U.S. oil producers might be hedging the forward curve and […]

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Oil – Up, Up and Away?

Fuel Logistics and Gasoline Prices Chart

As I mentioned in my Blue Skies Ahead for Crude Oil? – Guttman Energy blog post on December 22nd, WTI was trading around $71.80//barrel, above its $71.38/barrel moving average. If it settled above that level for a few days, we thought that the temporary lows were put in and we were on the way higher […]

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Blue Skies Ahead for Crude Oil?

Fuel Prices Stock Market Chart

Crude oil prices have been on a tumultuous ride for the past month, but is the worst behind us? We first learned of the Omicron variant in South Africa on Thanksgiving Day, and when financial markets re-opened on black Friday, the oil patch was terrified. As you can see in the chart above, WTI crude […]

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Releasing the Reserves

On Tuesday, the U.S. announced it would release 50 million barrels of crude from its strategic oil reserves.  This move comes in coordination with releases from China, Japan, South Korea, India, and the U.K. as an attempt to combat the prices from OPEC+.  OPEC+ meets on December 2nd to evaluate their response to this move, […]

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