Biden Administration Suspended Oil Leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


In August 2020, the Trump Administration opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska to oil drilling for the first time. The U.S. Department of the Interior believes that this area can be drilled in a responsible and sustainable manner only taking up 0.01 percent of the 19 million acres of wildlife refuge. At the time of this decision, nearly 70% of Americans apposed drilling in this protected space. The initial land auction was supposed to take place at the end of 2020, but it was noted that the interest in the sale was quite low as most of the larger oil companies avoided the controversial sale. Read More

How Will the U.S. Reach Biden’s Climate Goals?

The Biden Administration committed to a 50-52% reduction from 2005 levels in economy-wide net greenhouse gas pollution by 2030. This goal nearly doubles the original goal set by the Obama Administration in 2015. With this goal, the U.S. seeks to align themselves with Europe on their climate goals and hopefully to help set the pace for countries like India and China. Read More

U.S Increases Oil Exports to Canada

2020 saw demand destruction caused by the pandemic, in particular, Canada saw a decrease of 20 percent in crude oil imports. During 2020, the United States solidified themselves as a top supplier to Canada as they supplied nearly 80 percent of all barrels going into Canada. While Canada is a major producer of crude, they export far more than they import, almost entirely to the United States. However, Canada imports a large amount of crude from abroad to feed their refineries as they lack the infrastructure to access their domestic supplies of crude.

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Spring Forward

After what we all experienced one of the longest years ever, 2020 is behind us. We all look forward to doing the things in 2021 that we did not have the opportunity to do during the pandemic. COVID restrictions are lifting in many states, many Americans are getting vaccinated, allowing us to start to live our normal lives as we once knew. Sunshine is on the rise!

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Daimler Trucks North American Unveils New Detroit ePowertrain

Finding a way to reduce the carbon footprint of the logistics industry has been a focal point for years and Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has made large strides in aiding the reduction. DTNA will be using Detroit’s ePowertrain in the upcoming Freightliner eCascadia and Freightliner eM2. These two new products are part of DTNA’s strategy to set a uniform architecture for a broad line-up of electric vehicles. Along with the two new trucks, DTNA has revealed a $20 million plan to invest in the Detroit manufacturing facility located in Detroit, MI. This plant will serve as the main source of Detroit ePowertrain parts for North America.

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United States Begins to Issue COVID-19 Vaccines to High-Risk Health Care Workers

On December 14, 2020 the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines were administered across the United States after months of hearing positive trial results. Sandra Lindsay, a nurse in the intensive care unit at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, was the first person to receive the vaccine outside the trial phase. Lindsay’s vaccination was televised in an effort to instill faith in the vaccine and its legitimacy. Lindsay stated, “I think also as a leader in the organization that I lead by example. I don’t ask people to do anything that I would not do myself”. New York felt the force of this virus heavily as it left over 35,000 people dead and dampened the economy quite a bit. With the COVID-19 related death count exceeding 300,000 nationwide, this vaccine has been highly anticipated.

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Winter Tire Maintenance

As winter approaches it is important to take the proper precautions to avoid an expensive and dangerous tire blowout. Aperia Technologies reported that half of all roadside emergency calls are for tires. There are several factors that can cause damage to tire in the winter months.

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Venezuela Turns to Iran to Aid in National Fuel Shortage

Venezuela has been suffering from a fuel shortage due to sanctions imposed by the U.S government. Iran and Venezuela are targets of United States sanctions and therefore Iran has stated its willingness to aid Venezuela as a fellow target of U.S sanctions. In August, the United States seized the cargo of four ships carrying fuel from Iran to Venezuela. Throughout this year, five Iranian vessels were set to aid in Venezuela’s shortage and earlier this year, only one of the five made it to Venezuela with the much-needed cargo. The other four never made it and the cargo of these vessels was seized by the U.S Administration, the cargo totaled 1.116 million barrels of petroleum.

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Shopping for the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is kicking off earlier than ever amid the pandemic, and retailers are shifting their approach to seasonal hiring in order to keep up with changing demand. Companies are looking for more warehouse and call center workers to meet their growing demands from online shoppers, opting for home delivery or curbside pick-up. New rules for in-store shopping are in place making employees and shoppers safe by sanitizing shelves and checking temperatures at the door. Some retailers are even boosting pay and offering perks like flexible hours and childcare to attract workers.

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The Future of Aviation

As the world looks to become greener, the travel industry continues to look for alternative fuel sources. This week, Airbus unveiled their new concept for hydrogen powered commercial airliners, which would be the world’s first zero emission commercial aircraft. They released three visual concepts that they hope to have in use by 2035. The three concepts that were released are the; turbofan design, turboprop design and a blended-wing body. Guillaume Faury, the CEO of Airbus, said “This is a historic moment for the commercial aviation sector as a whole, and we intend to play a leading role in the most important transition this industry has ever seen. The concepts we unveil today offer the world a glimpse of our ambition to drive a bold vision for the future of zero-emission flight”. He went on to discuss how the use of hydrogen has the potential to drastically reduce the industries impact on the environment.

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