Fuel Operability Programs

Eight decades of experience means that we have seen virtually any fuel quality and operability issue that exists. To that end, we’ve established programs, protocols and best practices to help keep our customers’ operations running.

Before fuel operability becomes a major problem, we proactively work with our customers to ensure they have the knowledge, products, additives and, most importantly, the right storage procedures and protocols to ensure uninterrupted operations.

We also stay up-to-date on the latest federal and state regulatory issues and keep you informed on any changes that will impact your operation.

Fuel Verification, Surveillance and Optimization (VSO)

The best way to ensure trouble-free fuel operations is to prevent problems before they occur. To help customers in this regard, we offer a fuel verification, surveillance and optimization (VSO) program that involves drawing samples at predetermined intervals and sending them for lab analysis. During winter months, samples are tested for cold-temperature operability and water content. During the remainder of the year, samples are tested for microbial contamination and water content. A Guttman fuel operability specialist will take you through the results, discussing solutions for anything that is found to be abnormal.

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On-site Tank Sampling, Testing and Evaluation

If you are experiencing a fuel operability issue, Guttman Energy provides on-site tank sampling by a trained professional who will check for water, microbials, fungus, yeast or problems caused by cold weather. Once a sample is taken, we send it to a testing lab for a complete analysis. Once completed, we meet with you to review the results and create a plan for resolving any issues.

Fuel Pollutant Remediation

If pollutants such as water, microbials, fungus or yeast are found in your storage tank, Guttman will work with you to develop a remediation strategy. This could include the use of additives and other measures to ensure optimal fuel quality. Beyond addressing the immediate problem, we will proactively identify and correct the root cause to prevent future occurrences.

Diesel Fuel Winter Operability

Cold weather can create diesel fuel operability issues. Guttman Energy has the expertise and products to minimize those problems. Common problems such as icing and fuel gelling have become even more of a concern because of changes to diesel regulations, which decrease the allowable sulfur level in the fuel. For each customer, we develop a fuel treatment plan, that may include a winter additive, based on individual customer needs. We have worked closely with an industry-leading additive manufacturer to identify the most value-added, cost-efficient winter treatment program. The formula was further verified through a testing program that compared the actual performance of the additive at various customer and terminal locations. In addition, we offer a complete line of specialty additives, such as de-icer and emergency winter diesel fuel additive, and provide advice on how best to prepare for extreme winter temperatures.

Fuel System Equipment Best Practices

Guttman Energy is a different kind of fuel supplier. We spend a lot of time thinking about fuel tanks, dispensers, filters, card-readers and automatic tank gauges. We keep up to date on the latest equipment developments, regulations and equipment maintenance best practices so you can concentrate on other aspects of your core business.

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