Case Study: Transportation

Customer operates a transportation fleet of over 200 trucks for a large Mid-Atlantic grocery store chain.


Customer struggled to secure diesel fuel supply during tight markets, especially when cold weather caused significant market-wide demand spikes. Customer also needed protection against the price spikes inherent in volatile fuel markets.


Guttman Energy offered pricing strategies that would help the customer manage price risk in a volatile market. Programs included fixed price and cap-collar. Based on market dynamics at the time, Guttman advised the customer that a firm fixed price program was the best approach.

Guttman supply experts analyzed the market and advised the customer that the time was right to lock in a price.


The fixed price program provided the customer with a competitive price that fit well within budget constraints. By analyzing historical prices, Guttman’s supply team was able to advise the customer to pull the trigger on a fixed price that was within 20% of the low.  Customer also has peace of mind regarding assured supply when markets tighten.

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