Case Study: Integrated Fuel Management

Castelli Oil, a site water management company serving Pennsylvania and West Virginia, needed to better manage its over the road and bulk tank fueling program.


Castelli found that the combination of fueling over-the-road and at the bulk tank while managing multiple fuel vendors and systems was not an efficient method for running its business. "We were spending an average of $100,000 for diesel fuel per week. Our reporting from multiple vendors failed to supply a clear view of our driver transactions," said Nancy Kubistek, accounts payable coordinator for Castelli Oil & Gas. This lack of transparency contributed to Castelli's vulnerability to unauthorized fueling from both their bulk tank and over-the-road transactions.


Guttman Energy worked with Castelli to develop a plan to integrate all driver transactions through a single system. Guttman installed a fleet card reader at Castelli's bulk tank facility. With drivers using the Guttman Fuelman Fleet Card at both the bulk tank and over-the-road fueling stations, a single weekly fuel management report could be created that showed a clear, comprehensive look at all the drivers’ fueling activities.


Castelli can now view all vehicle fueling data on one report that can be clearly understood, allowing for informed management decisions and protection from fraudulent activities.


"Since the installation of the card reader and integration into one report, we have been operating with no issues," said Nancy. "We have also reduced our administrative costs since all transactions made at our tanks and over-the-road are listed on our weekly reports from Guttman."

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