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When energy demand peaks, we step right in. Quickly.

Severe weather. Unforeseen market forces. World events. All of these can impact the power grid and energy demand.

So what happens when peak demand results in the need to augment your coal or natural gas supply because you have uninterruptible power supply contracts with your customers? You need quick access to large amounts of diesel fuel—without overpaying. Through Guttman Energy's combination of our own fuel inventories, partnerships with other suppliers, our own fleet of trucks and river barges, and an extensive network of common carriers, we can deliver millions of gallons of fuel in a tight timeframe to keep your power plants running. Equally important, our experienced team of sales consultants keeps you informed on market trends and potentially negative market forces before they become reality.

Know who you can count on when demand spikes.

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For energy suppliers, we provide a reliable answer every time.

At Guttman Energy our sales team, fuel solutions and regional presence allow us to provide comprehensive and proactive fuel distribution. For more than eight decades our customers have reaped the benefits of:
  • Market intelligence driven by real-time price data
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to Guttman inventory
  • Extensive network of in-house and common carriers
  • Strategic fuel partnerships
  • Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Unmatched personal attention
  • Commitment to safety

We have the right solution for your energy supply needs.

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