Our Safety Commitment

At Guttman Energy, safety is an intrinsic part of our culture—from our owners to our drivers and every member of our team. We believe that safety is the responsibility of every employee, and cultivating a culture of safety is a top priority of the owners and leadership team.

Just as we seek to continuously improve the services we provide our customers, our people are involved in continuously improving practices and procedures that can make our workplace even safer for our employees. Our goal is always zero accidents or injuries. We require that our employees perform their jobs in a manner that ensures the safety of our employees, our customers and the general public. Guttman Energy is ISNetworld- and PICS-certified.

Safety in Every Decision

Our commitment to safety includes making business decisions with safety in mind, across all facets of our business. We require background checks for all of our employees and hire only experienced drivers. We mandate that if a delivery is deemed unsafe we won't schedule it until the situation is resolved. Another aspect of ensuring professional, on-time and safe deliveries is our proactive weather monitoring, allowing us to make wise delivery decisions. Plus, event recorders are installed in our trucks to facilitate driver training and safety. Protecting our people, customers and products is built into how we do business safely.

Four-tiered Safety Infrastructure

At the top level, our executive safety committee establishes best practices and protocols for company-wide safety and security. Safety committees determine how those protocols can be best implemented, as well as discuss any potential safety issues. Safety champions then take the safety information back to their teams within the organization and serve as advocates and liaisons between the safety committees and the rest of the team. This process is how safety practices are distributed and implemented to the fourth tier—all Guttman employees.

Robust Safety Training

We understand that safety starts with the proper training. Our world-class education programs often exceed regulatory requirements to meet high company standards. Our employees are well prepared to do their jobs and ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Smith System training is required for all of our professional drivers and is highly encouraged for all employees. Additional training programs include OSHA 10 and Safeland.

Safety Recognition

Our driving employees are dedicated to delivering products every day incident-free and error-free. They deliver this promise of high quality service and are recognized quarterly for their efforts with a safety incentive package that reflects outstanding continued performance.

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